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Monday, July 26, 2010

Q&A on diapering experiences

I found this Q & A about cloth diapering are simply irresistible to ignore. So these are my best answer solely based my personal experiences.

1.What type of diaper do you use the most?

all-in- one? fitted? pocket?


2.Most Daddy friendly diaper?

Baby Kanga One sized pocket diaper.
( Amongs all the diaper in the drawer hubby prefer Baby Kanga)

3.Best All In 2 Diaper?

Itti Bitti and GroVia

4. Most affordable diaper?

Autumnz, QQBaby, Bamboolite and Bumwear.

5.Best value diaper?


6.Best diaper under RM70?

Bamboolite and Autumnz.

7.I prefer...

One Sized Diaper.

8. Best snap diaper?

My opinion is, all snaps for different brand of diaper is just the same.

9. Best velcro/aplix diaper?

Happy Heinys.

10.Best pocket diaper inserts?

BumGenius and Romparooz

11.Best Swim Diaper?

Haven't encounter with any of these..Any suggestion?

12. Best side snapping diaper?

I only encountered the Baby Beehind Petite and the durability of the snap is quite good.

13. Best front snapping diaper?

I would go for the WAHM diaper. (Usually there would be three snaps to prevent the wing drop)

14. Favorite girl diaper?

WAHM diaper makes adorable girlish print!

15. Favorite boy diaper?

If I happen to have a baby boy in the future, I would stash up BumGenius, Romparooz, Bumwear, Antsy Pants and Fitted (which got various kind of brand).

16. Best place for cloth diapering support?

DiaperAsia Forum.

17. Best cloth diapering blog?( unaffiliated to a diaper brand)

Farrah's Blog.

Sharine's Blog.

18.Best cloth diapering blog? from a maker or retailer (within Malaysia)

Joanne's Blog

Bonnie's Blog.

Tiny Tapir's Blog.

19. Best place for custom orders?

For United States Hynecart and Etsy..(various wahmers from this sites are very talented in making a custom order for dipes, wipes and wool longies/soaker). In Malaysia : I only familiar with one and ordered a few dipes from her. Lisa!!

20.Best diaper bag for cloth diapering mamas?

                                             Pigeon diaper bag serves us good for all this time.

21.Best cloth mama pads?


22.If I could only have one diaper make up my entire stash,

It would be Fleece Diaper ( It can be consider waterproof yet breathable)

23.How do you store your diapers?

Modular drawers.

(Attention for mamas out there, you don't need this much of cloth diapers.
Some people likes to collect designer shoes, bags, dresses and so on, for me I love to collect all sort diapers design!!:)We only need 18 to 20 pieces of cloth diapers in order for them to be use enough for 2 days rotation and a few extra. But one can never have enough for rainy days :-p )

24.How did you convince day care to cloth diaper?

I am a stay at home mother therefore I don't have to convince anyone.

25.Best pail liners?

I only use these....

26. How do you keep your pail fresh?

By using charcoal.(It absorb the smell away leaving only natural fresh scent)

27.Best wool wash?

Lanacare is the best I try so far..

                                                            2 in 1, Lanolin and Wool Wash.

28.How do you stop night time leaks?

I only used fitted with wool for night time diaper and so far I haven't encounter any leak except when it's time for the wool need to be lanolize.

29. Single piece of advice for a new mom?

It's true……. by using cloth diaper you need to wash it everytime, need to remove the stinky poop out from the diaper.

As for me I don't see any of the above will stop me from cloth diapering my kid because its simply :
a. Environmentally friendly (chemical free).
b.Economical .
c.It just feels natural:).


lisa said...

ohhh i have the same drawer too!! hehe and thank you so much for mentioning me :D u are so sweet :)

Sheena said...

No problem Lisa..you deserve it!!:)

QarezmaV said...

you are a celebrity CD mom!

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