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Monday, July 12, 2010

I was completely out of the world!

I had a seriously terrible nightmare this morning..When I awake, I was nearly screamed for help when I felt someone was crawling on my chest, actually it was Ava who’s taking her early breakfast. Hubby already left to work before I woke up. I glanced  at the clock, it’s almost 9.am.Usually all of us will be waking up around 7am but probably yesterday activities and topsy turvy emotions have made me felt extra tired. When hubby went back home for lunch I asked him why he didn’t wake me up? Then he told me what had happened last night after I went to sleep.
So the story goes like this, Ava woke up needing to be nursed. I was sleeping like a log. She kept on crying and hubby (who actually was sleeping soundly before that ) pushed Ava to my side and pat my shoulder to wake me up. With a murmured (grumpy kind of sound) I pulled Ava to nurse with me and continued to sleep…according to hubby I was SNORING!!! I never ever snore in my sleep!!!(hmmmm?I need to re-check it again)Hubby tried to go back to sleep but after a few minutes Ava was wailing again and I was lying still and talking nonsense in my sleep. “
“Kurang asam”..he sighed, that's what hubby told me.
Again, he pushed Ava to my side and she went to nurse some more with her mummy still much sleeping though hubby can hear me murmured on something which also making his night even more troublesome. A wailing baby and a grumpy sleeping wife, poor him had to endure both of us through the night. So basically for last night, hubby was having difficulty to sleep , Ava kept on wailing asking for more milk  and I was struggling with my never ending dream!!!

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