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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The first photo studio..

She was excited when daddy's put her on the seat but not until the photographer started to speak with his high pitch voice. After that Ava was trying to get off from her seat and wanted to be carried when every-time the "uncle" spoke.
Ava :"Are we done yet?This place is getting bored.."
Uncle camera man: " Girl, sit still!!Both of you( pointing at me and hubby), don't sit close to the light otherwise I cannot take good picture of your girl,"
Both of us were sitting side by side to Ava but ends up the uncle told me to go away since I blocked the studio light.
It took sometimes to get the "It" picture since Ava insisted on  getting  off from the chair and hubby tried to keep her calm while
I was standing at the back  of "uncle" trying to get her attention to look straight to the camera.

At last...but hubby's hand was paste along with Ava 's passport photos!! Luckily the Imigresen didn't have  any question about that.


FIRKAL said...

nah mo buat passport uda si ava.. hehe..
napa gia suara tu uncle nut? kin takut kali..

Sheena said...

suara tu uncle kuat betul..takut bah dia terus lumpat dari kerusi mo lari...funny oh kalo sia ingat balik..haha

Angel said...

nduuu gia. comel.

dalam hati c ava 'ah! menyampah la ko uncle!' tu la dia mo lari tu. hehe :)

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