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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wrap Lover!

Oh yeah!!I am super excited on wrapping our upcoming newborn with a few type of wraps which I had bought from the beginning I started to baby-wear Ava!
I have tried :
Sleepy wrap
    A stretchy wrap which is perfect for newborn. The downside of it, it can only be use inside air condition room and not supportive enough for toddler.

A gauze wrap.(Gypsy Mama Bali Wrapsody Wrap)

This is a breezy-ezy wrap, if you are living at the warm and hot climate country, this wrap is a bliss to have .

Didymos LE Gradation Wrap in Blue, Green and Yellow color.
This is a 55percent linen and 45 percent cotton wrap which means suppose to be good to wear in warm climate since it had a mix of linen. I haven't really use it because when I have these beauty I just found out  I was already conceiving.So far with a few test drive inside the house and one time to the church, the wrap is just nice to use around and it's sturdy for toddler, even with the Bali Wrapsody was able to support my 11kg toddler.

And a few more Gradation wraps below.(Which are not mine obviously, I only load these to fest my eyes and drool them over!) 

The images above were taken from Tsumiko facebook photo album.

A gradation wrap is a dyed wrap from various kind of dyed colors(according to a person preference). You can either get a custom slot from Tsumiko or DIY(do it yourself ).
I would say that this is a method of work of art!Look at those pictures, you can just make a variety of colors from a boring look wrap and turn it into a magnificent awesome wrap !
A few mamas were able to get their dream Grad(and some are lucky to get into a custom slot order or found their dream Grad at the BabyWearer forum- FSOT)

My current ISO(In Search Of) had been answered but not sure what to expect when it arrive.It's a mixed of pinkish and purple color . I just hope I would be getting "what you see is what you get" just like the exact pictures which the owner has posted.(Again, thanks to a dear friend who helped me to find it:))
Well folks this is all about me on being an addictive babywearing mama who always wish to have a few more beautiful baby carriers...
We actually only need to have at least one wrap for a newborn since newborn baby loves to have the feeling of cocooning /swaddling(just like the feeling when they 're still inside their mama's womb).

The main point why we need to babywearing our baby with a proper and good workmanship of babywearing gear are:
1. To Create a close bond between the parents and the baby.
2. Easier for discreet breastfeeding.(Either with pouch, ringsling or wrap).
3. Easier for the wearer to hands free on both hands.
4. The baby get to see the world without feeling scared since she is wrapped safely around her parent's body and feeling comfortable and  secure  with the mother/father smell and their body temperature. 
5. Baby is less crying and less colic.
6. It's a fashion statement;).

As you all know newborn is meant to be front carry but after a few weeks in their life it should be no problem to carry them with back carry method.(but only when you are confident enough to carry them at your back)
These are some methods how to do a back carry with a small baby, at least for a six weeks years old baby.

Tibetan style

Double Hammock 

I would be wrapping our newborn as much as I can before she/he is getting heavier or probably will be wrapping even she/he is reaching 1 years old. Their baby years only comes once in a lifetime so this is the time when you are able to carry them with a fulfilling love and some love bonding which cannot be describe with words.


StellaClaire-Richard said...

Nice..mau juga cuba-cuba ni nnti..

nc said...

thnks for the sharing sheena :)

wah..must learn this o.. i know zero on this hehe

lillies said...

that blue-green wrap used to be mine =P
Tsumiko doesn't take customs anymore =( but u can always try Alex =)

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