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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Farewell Gift for Yong and Hagen...

Nine months back they were moving just beside our house(Semi D attached with ours) and now they will be moving to Australia by next week!!!uwaaaaa!!!
Too bad I didn't spend enough time with Yong due to my on off pregnancy thingy.

Anyway I made a farewell gifts for both mom and son, just a simple gift to show how grateful we were to have known such a sweet and helpful friends like Yong and Jerry even it's only a short period of time .

A beanie for handsome Hagen and a pair of glove for Yong. 

To Jerry's family, have a safe journey and embrace the exciting new life that would come upon the three of you and good luck for the future undertaking!!!
Psssttt, we already planning to visit you guys by next year..hehehe.

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