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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another finished project, another hats..:)

It seems I kept on doing the same thing during this month. Well practice makes perfect and thus I am enjoying making these and my skill couldn't be far more improving than the last time.

 Merino + Polyamide  yarns. Suitable for making a good beret hat since it's quite a stretchable yarn.

 Now added with a brim so that it doesn't look like a scrub cover anymore.:)

 So here's the story, I actually plan to add a rose crochet on the beret but according to Flo it looks quiet of a "Carrie Bradshaw" look from the Sex in The City.(More like a drama queen). 
Then I made another flower which was simpler and I actually agreed with Flo after seeing the end product.
 I am loving my big red rose so I would convert it into a corsage!
(The rose didn't permanently attached,thankfully I only used a clip to attach it with the hat)

Despite of my mood swing and tiredness this last few weeks of pregnancy, I manage to make two hats in a week.
A french hat beret which hubby requested and I am glad he loves 'em. It is understandable he still not brave enough to put it on in front of the public.LOL! 

And here's our Ava was dancing while putting on papa's hat.


Armstrong said...

Cute hat hahaa. Got flower some more. And your Ava looks so cute while dancing and wearing the hat hahaa.

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Punya comel haha..

Sindar said...

very nice beret Sheena :) love it!

Sheena said...

Thanks everyone:)

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