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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A confession of an addict cloth diaper mama.

Yes, I am a cloth diaper addict and nearly turned into a hardcore, but when it's come to practically during my pregnancy,( I was having a major morning sickness for the first trimester )I started to buy Huggies diapers again.

Then I started again to use cloth diaper on Ava during my 2nd trimester and after the last months of  the 3rd trimester, I opt to use dispos again until these days.
Well it doesn't actually stop me on buying cloth diapers during the whole 9 months.haha. I can't resist to get a few discounted cloth diapers, joining a group buy(which made it cheaper ) . I also received a few diapers from some talented mamas for my baby shower gifts!Thanks to Lisa, Annie and Maybel:)). 

So what actually I wanted to put down here is.. how I felt when I saw one Huggies went inside the dustbin after only an hour use.
I can't actually predict when would Ava going to pass motion so every time I felt the diaper was long enough on her bottom, I would change it even she hasn't poop yet. Then after the next 30 mins, she'd came to me and said,
"Arghhh... but you actually still got 1 to 2 more hours wearing those!"
And there you go, 30 minutes of used Huggies went down to the dustbin..looking wasted.(Yet I am still using disposable for the time being)
Whereas for a cloth diaper, you can re-use it over and over again since it can be wash just like our daily clothes and definitely cloth diaper saved your monthly budget.
(Well,this is only work if you are the frugal cloth diaper mama, 20 pieces of cloth diapers are enough for a kid and just add extra 10 or 20 pieces when you are having 2 kids plus an everyday washing routine)

My verdict,
I still prefer to use cloth diaper for my kids and would be starting all over again after my delivery.And finger crossed by next year Ava would be completely fully potty trained. 

I am not judging those who refused to cloth diaper their bubs since this is an open preference, just like when a mama insist not to breastfeed...it's all about choosing your own option for what is comfortable for you. I believe every mama knows what's the best for their child upbringing.

So here's a few of the newly stash cloth diapers for our newborn.
1st Row : AI2 One Size cloth diaper from Maybel's Closet, AI2 one size Chelory, Super Soaker fitted one size, BRSB fitted one size and a Heartland AI2 one size.
2nd Row : 3 pieces of minky Eli Monster fitted in newborn size.
and the 3rd row: Two crochet wool soakers which I made them myself(I felt proud of them!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sheena,

ya...u do have choice whether want or not use CD for ur child.
I know one mama who reuse the dispos, of course she wash it again after remove the gel2 thingy and tadaa...u hv pocket dispo diaper. just add lampin as insert:) jimat jg kan...hehe...I never thot of re-use again back then when DD still using dispos...and she almost...yeahhh...almost sbb once in a while masih accident lg tgh2 mlm. I remind her to let me know if she wants to pee/poo...need to ask her everyday ooo...where to pee/poo? if she answer tandas/toilet then ok la...
ooo that crochet wool soker very cantik! bila la sy buli buat tu...masi tkial2 lg baca instruction.

Take care & Hv a great day:)

Sheena said...

Oh yeah, I also remember one of my aunt also reuse the dispo using the same method just like you mentioned.Creative juga pikiran certain ppl kan. We re in the process to train her but most of the time sia malas butul skang..haha
The wool soaker belum perfect lagi workmanship dia tu, nampak d gambar mimang cantik la, heheh, tapi mimang buli guna as a soaker, planning to do more but it takes time bah to make one soaker, mungkin after 2 months delivered baru sia start balik.hehe
You too take care:))

nc said...

hi sheena
aiya..me too just trying to get used to CD. tpi blm lagi..hehe..baru beli n mau pre wash 3 times itu insert2 tu kn.
hopefully baby will be comfy wearing it :)

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