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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The One (Down to Memory Lane..again)

I found an interesting post indeed from one of my blogger friend, Stella.
It's about "My Dream Wedding Gown". Her article posted in a Blog Guest post! Originally created by CathJ.
I'm quiet excited to tag along since it's been awhile I wanna wrote down how I found my Dream Gown for my..ops our wedding!

Before I actually discovered "The One"(after "He's the one", there's another few more "The One"  and it's more difficult to find than the first one and correct me if I'm wrong, this is also every girls dream, second only after the ring,right??  LOL!)
My mother and I had searched high and low to almost nearly all decent Bridal Shops in Kota Kinabalu for the perfect gown.. At last we found some gowns at Paris Bridal and most of them are looking fantastic!I must say I truly love Paris's designer gowns and every time I tried each of them my mum and I would sigh"wow!!wahhhh!Oh sia suka owh yg ni, buli terus book ka?" but my heart still contemplating to choose for "The One"
Then when I came back to Miri, Flo and I continued our quest for our wedding costumes. At that time my heart was already glued at Paris Bridal and never think of changing my decision). Flo reminded me to be open with our decision.  

So after a few bridal shops hoppe, we came upon Essence Bridal. I tried a few rounds of dresses, aimlessly. I guess the owner can read my worries (of not finding "the one". She took out a creamy colored gown, held it up high and  said "This would suit you perfectly," and for that moment, my heart actually stopped for a second.
The owner even taught me how to walk with high heels without accidentally stepping down on the gown.

So here are the gown and the "once a bride herself".:P.
I was and still loving every details of the gown.

Anderson makes a terrific spontaneous snap shot on these pic! Obviously Flo and I were looking too gay..haha (Flo ends up tailored his own wedding suit(Which looks handsomely perfect for him...psst masi ngam lagi ka tu sekarang??hehe )
One of the evening dress which I love love love! It was an empire waist design and looks like a bit of the national Korean costume.
  Our theme for the night is Gold but I wore nothing of Gold except my gold bracelet and necklace.

For those on my facebook, you might realized most of the photos here are similar from my album FB(Just too lazy to search in "my not so systematic folders" inside our pc..hehe.Hmmm I seriously need 
Leo Babauta helps to zen our folders)  

Sunday greeting to all of you. God Bless!


CathJ said...

you are sooo right about the'the one'.. haahahha... so amny the one before we really found the real 'the one'.. hahahah

so excited to see your dress... beautiful..and the evening dress.. I really love the neck design... never seen any like that before... stunning!

Sheena said...

Thanks Cath,I m enjoying tagging along with this entry and syiok tingu others punya post about sharing their wedding gowns and stories!:))

TaQuiLa said...

your dress is gorgeous and fits you very well! She's really 'the one' :)

chegu carol said...

hello here!

thats a lovely dress and like sheila said, fits u perfectly :)

i remember looking at ur wedding photos from anderson's blog before :)

StellaClaire-Richard said...

cantik oh ur wedding dress sheena..:)
love the evening dress too..:)

Angel said...

I still remember that your white wedding outfit during your reception and I told Bruno 'Sa suka ohh Sheena punya baju! Sa pun mo pakai mcm tu!' and you know what he said 'Kalo mo pakai mcm tu, mesti kurus'. Trus sa diam2 ja la. X terkata apa2. lol.

You were a beautiful bride Sheena :)

Sheena said...

Thanks everyone..:)), tapi sia ter-jeles juga looking all of your gowns!hehe
Angel, sia ikut yoga for 3 months before wedding, mangkali itu yg kasi kurus sia, tapi lepas tu naik balik sebab berhenti.hehe

nc said...

u look lovely in the wedding gown! lawa o :)
and the evening dress...woohoo..lgi la. .memang smart. :)

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