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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Caught Red Handed!!!

"Mama and papa were curious on how did I start playing and chewing on the slipper and mama's vincci's heels.
I hope they will never find out on how did I get to cross the barrier they had made to prevent me to reach for the shoes compartment.ngeh ngeh ngeh."

"Here I go again after so many successful attempts!"
"Papa and mama are busy at the kitchen, the best time to climb up the couch ,hehehe!!!"
"Ok...take down the right leg first..need to be careful otherwise will fall down."

"Ugghhh!!Almost there....."

"Ok I am ready to jump,yeahhh,slipper here I come........perhaps I will taste daddy's shoes this time!!!"

"Ooppss!!caught red handed by mama!!I didn't notice mama was behind me the whole time and taking picture of me sneaking out!!"
"Here goes my new toys, no more chewing on shoes".(Sigh).


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sheena, tried putting my comment, but it disappeared.
Just to say you have a great kid there. She's cute.
At this age they love exploring, and learning same time.
Have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

FIRKAL said...

oh my oh my.. hahhaa...
lucu oh si Ava ni...

Sheena said...

Uncle Lee,Thanks for visiting, indeed she is very curious at her surrounding now especially now she's able to walk on her own..:)

Memel, begini la ni hari2, ada saja nanti ko nampak new things yg dorang mo buat..hehe.

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