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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fluffy Mail!!!

Another fluffy mail arrived this evening!!

I got so excited! It was from zizitots.blogspot.com. I ordered two pieces of Itti Bitti SIO since the site is having a Mega Sale. (Yeah before this I did say I was not into IB but just recently I noticed the diaper just fit perfectly on Ava slender thighs. She lost the baby fat due on walking.) 
After de-stashing  most of my pocket diapers and still in the process to let go a few more, I spent most of the funds for AI2 and Fitted diapers.

From the left row : Baby Beehind Petite Pink(mycheekyboo), Itti Bitti SIO in Baby Pink, Itti Bitti SIO in Purple( zizitots)and Pampered Cheek pocket OS(everythingbabything).
From the right row( All fitteds) : Monkeez purple(everythingbabything) , Oh Happy Baby(everythingbabything), Poverty Jane(everythingbabything) and Baby Beehind Night Nappy(mycheekyboo).
Beside the fitteds are the two pieces  of Mama Bear wool soakers OS.


lisa said...

nice stash sheena!! :)

Sheena said...

Lisa...you are the one I envy the most.Your DIY diaper's looks so perfectly made!!

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