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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

De-stashing my beloved Happy Heinys

I need to let go of these two my Happy Heinys cloth diapers due to make some space for my newly arrival diapers.(Sue me for my addiction,;))

Use less than 5X. I have more than 5 pieces of these in different color.

Price : RM65 include shipping via Pos Express(Each).

Very convenient to use for the baby sitter / nursery & outing!!

This is my review on the Happy Heinys and go to this link to see other mommies review  about these diaper.

Email me at sheenadavia at yahoo dot com

The velcro is as good as new.
The outer part

 Take them both for a free shipping delivery!!

Each diaper comes with newborn and large microfiber insert.


Sheena said...
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Sheena said...

Happy Heinys Neon Orange color sold!!
Purple color still available..:)

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