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Monday, June 21, 2010


Ava's baby car seat has been upgraded to a toddler car seat. She loves her new seat. But....she has a few request whenever we put her on it. The teething biscuit ,a bottle of water and a singing mama( I bet now I am ready to go for the next audition of "Who Want To Be One Million..."err what's the name of the program again?)  , otherwise she'll be screaming asking to be out from her newly car seat.
Hubby was a bit concerned on Ava's safety every-time we went for a car ride. She didn't want to be place on her baby car seat anymore and ends up she would be walking and climbing around inside the car every-time we traveled. So we decided to solve it once for all by getting her the bigger car seat.

At first, she seemed to be a bit reluctant by sitting on her new seat.

By the time I sang her the 5th songs, she fell asleep with the biscuit still on her hand.


FionaFabian said...

sheenaa...basar suda anak ko... ee..cpt btl dia membesar oh kan.. neway, may God bless u and ur family always.. =)

Sheena said...

Yabah Fiona, sia rasa macam baru saja kemarin sia tahan sakit mo beranak ni..haha.
Thank You for the prayer and you too, GBU Always!!

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