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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hormones....when will u be good to me..

Let me tell you what had happened last night. Yesterday evening it was supposed to be my day of excitemen for I'm gonna buy this Chanel parfum, yesterday was a Bonus Link day for Parkson so we'll get twice of the redeem point if we buy stuff during Parkson member's day. When we reached at the Chanel counter, we checked for the sample smell with a friendly saleswoman which also told me that pregnant woman was not suitable in spraying perfume all over the body but only on the clothes. Bagus juga la dia kactau but still I insisted to have those perfume. Hubby suggested we walked around first with the sample smell and if I really made my decision to have it by the next few mins, we'll gonna take it!!! Later after bought two cottons blanket from the 3rd floor of Parkson, I started to feel dizzy with the smell of it and my nausea started to sabotaging my happy hormones. We didn't buy those Chanel perfume instead went out from Bintang mall to have dinner and the worst is yet to come...

We went to the Japanese restaurant for dinner. Everything was actually went on smoothly, me and hubby had a good laugh together, enjoying the food and the music. Later after paid the bill, as soon as we came out from the restaurant, the foul smell from the warm air outside of the restaurant rushed through my nose and it was really stinky..so stinky I wanted to puke!!!!The food from my stomach had not yet been digested yet and here I was struggling to control myself for not puking. On the way to the car, I did a chanting.."I can control myself, I shall not goin to throw up"..for dunno how many times. As soon as my buts touching the car seat and before I closed the car door, without no control I puked all over the side of the car, that was one of the worst puke i've ever had, not to mention during my 4 months morning sickness, I once threw up all over the bathroom wall and poor hubby had to help me to clean the mess! Luckily for this time I threw up at the outside so no hard clean to be done instead my left slipper n foot...the puke was on my slipper!!!Yuck!!!we had to go to the nearby gas station to have me clean up.
After arrived home, I went to play with Bumble for awhile to get rid a bit those bad experience I just had. It was actaully quite funny bcos at the end of the evening, we only ate the watermelon fruit which half of it already got rotten because it's been already 1 weeks laying on our floor kitchen unctouchable..that was for my dinner since I already threw everything the food i had eaten. Hubby was making a joke on how's this evening came out with I just eating a rotten watermelon after driving around for looking a good place to dine for. The earliest plan was to go dinner at Dynasty hotel for a buffet but then the place was crowded with people ( wedding function) so we decided to go for japanese food. Luckily we didn't go at Dynasty's hotel...kalau nda, terbang2 itu duit bcoz of my unbalance hormones. Maybe for now, we just stick to hubby's menu and normal restaurant saja.....
I am tired with my nauseas but it will not going to be long now since I only have 1 in a half months to go. Lord please give me strengh to move on for another few more weeks....

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