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Sunday, April 26, 2009

How Embarrassing!!!!

A new survey reveals our Top 10 most awkward social situations.
1. Wardrobe malfunctions - Zips left undone; tucking skirt into underwear. ( My sister used to undo my skirt's zip during church mass without I realized it but I managed to grab my skirt before it slide down to the bottom and I was crying with embarrassment. It was 13 years ago)
2. Lost for words - Having no response in conversation; forgetting someone's
name. ( I always had trouble with remembering ppl's name and called them with a wrong name, ops!)
3. Mistaken baby bump - Congratulating someone one pregnancy when they're
not pregnant ( watchout! think before you speak);
offering a woman a seat, assuming she is pregnant
when she's isn't.
4. Romantic mishap - Seeing one's ex with a new partner; saying " I love You".
5. Looking foolish - Making an innappropriate joke. ( hahaha, I've been there!)
6. Nigel no-friends - Having someone turn their back on you or even worse
no-one talking to you at a party.
7. Embarrassment by proxy - Your partner acting stupidly in public; the
drunken behaviour of friends.
8. Dating disaster - Awkward silences on a first date; spilling food and drink on
a partner.
(Once at a CNY dinner with fiancee friends and being 1st
time meeting all of them and still feeling awkward. The food looked nice especially the fried chicken. I picked a piece of fried chicken using chopstick and it dropped in the middle of the table and everyone was looking at me, I felt so embarrassed and the time seem stopped for a few
seconds! but I guess it had break the ice among me and his friends and I had a great time after that!)
9. Caught out - Making an excuse for not going somewhere then being caught in the lie ; being overheard by the person you're gossiping about.
10. Clumsy catastrophes - Slipping over when attempting to get up after tripping; dropping food on your chest while eating.


FIRKAL said...

oh my. oh my.
no.3 tu bah nutz..
mcm few times sia 'mengalami'nya k..
hahaha.... kunun2: "eh..hai! wah.. ko pregnant..?"
padahal inda. kekeke,,,

Sheena said...

heheh...sia pun selalu takut mo bagi statement macam tu with someone...takut false alarm!!!

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