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Monday, October 22, 2012

The biggest achievement for 2012

I am back in shape and stronger than ever!
My weight doesn't drop too much but I had definitely lost 2 size down of my jeans size!!So weight is  actually just a number(do you know that muscle is heavier than fat?yet I still tempted to reduce for another 5kg). I definitely  would work on building more muscles since the more muscles you gain, the more energetic you are.

When my trainer(Drew), showed me the previous photo she took of me the first time I came(8 months ago),I actually was in denial when I looked at those photos.Did I look that fat last time???No way!

So I dig my photo earlier this year when I attended Stephanie and Erik's wedding.

         Yup!!There was my butt stuck out voluptuously!Among all the slim and gorgeous ex-UTM ladies!

I never know squatting would do wonder with your thigh!Squatting and flying lunges work-out,these two among the hardest and less preferable work out I liked to do but apparently those methods helped me to reduce the fat on those area.
Another thing that actually surprised me that my fat percentage actually had reduce from 34% to 27.9%!It showed that more muscles had been add in my tissues.

The final conclusion..
This is only the beginning  I would work harder and doing this as my daily habit.I cannot say no to exercise as it's already proven to lose weight(with a good balance of food without starving yourself) and another one is, it healed my depression and anxiety( I have on and off depression,well who does?haha)

Cheers to Core Reactor and to my own determination!!


beaty said...

jauh suda perbezaan body ko amoi..atukeiii sa amazed sama tu perubahan badan ko..

Sheena said...

Beaty sia pun terkejut juga I can go this far!!Exercise does matter to our body!!

Sheila said...

Hi Sheena! I always dream of having my own before & after pic like yours. Jealous oh.. *lari laju-laju atas treadmill T_T

Sheena said...

Hi Sheila!!haha..ni pun lambat sangat turun,8 bulan baru aqda perubahan sebab tak diet sangat.Chayo chayo Sheila!

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