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Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Fluffy Mail arrived!!!!!!

My mail from KL has arrived yesterday. Ava was so excited as I am when she saw the white parcel and grabbed it from mummy before mummy getting a chance to open it first!
(By the way, Ava really love to help mummy in folding laundry especially putting off  her cloth diapers from the shelf,ends up all the diapers would be placing everywhere in the rooms!..so rajin!)

"Hmmm....I wonder what is it inside out of this white thingy thing??"

"Ohh mummy...a diaper again??"

Looks like she was more interested with the parcel cover!!

Fitted diaper (13 layers of bamboo) from Monkey Toes..(Thanks mommy!!You know who you are!!:))

The inside layers of the fitted...the surface top  is the super soft bamboo velour, even the inner body of it surrounding with bamboo velour..sooo soft!!
Fitted diaper is the new love of mine in cloth diapering system..will be telling all about fitted and wool on my next post soon.

Till then, have a nice and joyful weekend everyone!!:)

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