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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DIY Tote Bag Made from Yarns.

My latest project, a Tote Bag with a twist of chopstick!haha.
I bought two bulk yarns with different color so I decided to turn them into a simple tote bag.
What I added on this project is a pair of chopstick. I attached it on both of the opening of the bag for an extra support and style.

The yarns are sturdy enough so additional lining inside can be done as an option.

 Ava insisted to put her doll along with the bag.

I would call this bag as a Chopstick Tote!

and at the same time, a pair of crochet-ted hat also completed.
The beret is made from Japan Merino wool while the beanies is from the cotton blended combine with viscose yarns.

I hope this new owner would love it.:).

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beaty said...

cantik owh...sa suka..aih mcm mana ko kasi sisip tu kayu ah d bag tu...

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