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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What A Day

Today the three of us went out to Boulevard ( paying internet bills ) and I carried Ava with my new pink sling from Little Pod. Still strugling with the sling and many times we had to stop walking just to re arrange Ava in it. While hubby went shopping for groceries, Ava and I rested at the Mc D ice cream counter. I was quiet hungry and ordered a slice of cheese cake and pearl milk tea but surprisingly it's not satisfied my hunger. I let both of it half eaten and drink and went to Mc D bought the ice cream sundae( I look like a 10 months pregnant woman bcoz of Ava in the sling ) . I stop eating it, not even half of it. After went back home, feeding Ava nearly took 1 hour and I was hungry like crazy , my body was shaking terribly. I realized now that I am no longer longing to eat outside food bcoz the real food that I really need is a homemade dishes!! After 1 months eating confinement dish I found out what my body really wants. They just want to have the nourishment from the good ingredients. That's a lot improvement of myself since before this I was a junk food addicts.

Ava's now is already 1 months in a half. She already know how to respond whenever we re talking to her..she will give a huge grin when she woke up in the morning and let the sound of "ooh" and "aahh" when talking to her.
I keep on falling in love with her everyday..


AnGeL said...

wah sekarang 'the three of us' suda kan shen. sioknya :)

Sheena said...

yabah...tapi skang kalo makan di luar kena laju2 coz mo take turn dukung dia...time di church saja dia diam2...hehe

AnGeL said...

wah. good girl, ava. pandai diam2 d church :)

Sheena said...


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