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Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Current Routine

6.00 a.m - After feeding Ava,wake up, put all the clothes especially Ava's dirty cloth diapers, lampin, handerkchef, mittens, botties and clothes in the washing machines (thank God for the technology).Taking bath 9the only time I can really wash myself).

7.00 a.m - Ava's waking up..prepare breakfast for Flo while he's attaining Ava.

8.00 a.m until 5.00p.m - Feeding, cleaning ava's puke, change Ava's dirty diaper(thank God with the new invention of cloth diaper, i just change her after 5 to 6 hours if she's not poo poo) , entertain her, put her to nap( i carry her with sling when she's sleeping, she will be sleeping 1 until 2 hour straight and she didnt like to sleep in the sarong).

6.00 pm until 9.00 pm - Feeding, bath Ava and luckily Flo would do the cooking during nighttime kalo tidak..fuyooo panat ohhh!!

9.00pm - Prepare to sleep.Will be sleeping and waking up for feeding every two to three hours after past midnite until morning comes....

Will be continue soon...


Mrs. Ezman said...

nunut... mcm siok oh jadi mami kan? btw, sa blm jmpa g anak ko oh!!!

coders for hire said...

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