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Sunday, October 11, 2009

I’m So Thrilled I Persevered!

I’ve been trying for so long to find a time to write this on my blog. So here’s the story..
Before I delivered. Husband and I already decided to breastfeed our baby. Breastfeeding sounds less hassle than having to sterilize bottles and it seem really straightforward, like it is the most natural thing in the world!
Day 1
June 30 after Ava was born and I’ve been sent back to the ward, the nurse came in and asked me, “ Do you want to breastfeed your baby or bottle feed?”
With a confidence answer and not knowing the hardship of breastfeeding I said, ‘Yes, of course”.
They gave Ava to me and this good nurse came and help me how to get started with bfeed. Ava started to latch on and she’s seem quite natural with it. So far so good and I was still excited in doing the breastfeeding.

Day 2
My nipple started to feel sore and I was exhausted. Ava’s been latching on my breast for almost an hour for every feeding and the sometimes almost took every hour. To make the matter worse doctor told us that she’s got jaundice. One of the nurse told me to let her to be fed by formula milk since I haven’t produce enough milk to make Ava enough to passed motion and peeing to decrease the jaundice. Feeling upset, bitter and depress, I let Ava drank formula milk for the whole day.

Day 3
I never realized bfeeding would be such hardwork( especially when you've decided to fully breastfeed from the beginning).Just when I think Ava has finished I pull her off my breast and she start sucking again. I told doctor that my nipples a really really sore. He then told hubby to get a nipple shield and breast cream from the Guardian store.
Day 4
Oh my!!! Why didn't anyone tell you how painfull it can be when your milk comes in?
My boobs are massive, hard and throbbing with pain. Even wearing the shield didn’t lessen the pain! I was sobbing every nursing! The good part is, Ava had no problem in drinking and her weight’s increasing and also the jaundice had gone( the jaundice gone by day 10)!
Day 5
Everytime Ava cries to be fed I felt sick. Both of my nipple were seriously cracked, as it’s taking all the pressure from feeding. A large part of me thought I m just not cut out to do this. So tired I let mother in law take care of Ava and gave her formula for one feeding and other time I expressed my milk so that she can fed her with it.

Day 6
Still in pain, feeling like to give up. She’s feeding every hour. Have to expressed milk again so that mother in law can take care of her while I get my sleep.
Day 7 till 17
Ava’s feeding every 2 hours and though I can’t say I’m loving it, it was definitely less painful ( the nipple sheild really help during this time). But the sleep deprivation is killing me! She spent the evening cluster-feeding until about 10.00pm, dropping off then woke up again at 1 am for more milk.
Day 17 till 22

I ‘ve decided to take each day as it comes rather than set myself a deadline for success.
Everyday my baby gets my milk is a bonus. Hubby had been giving 100 percent fully support from the beginning. I mean seriously a very fully support, he did the research about breastfeeding on how it's really worth to persevered and help me to take care of Ava’s other need. He even bought the best breastpump so that I can express my milk faster and zero hassle and pain. The rest of the time Ava feeds on demand. Perhaps I’m going the hang of this.
2 months day 1
Have a brilliant feed this morning. Ava sucks away for about half an hour before falling asleep. When I see just how content she is, it feels like my heart will burst.
3 months
Nowadays breastfeeding is never an issue for me anymore, my milk has been produce enough for Ava’s need and she’s feeding at 2 to 3 hours interval.

I’m so proud I preservere at breastfeeding and have been given my daughter the very best start. I can believe how close I came to giving that all up. Looking into her eyes as she’s feeding is the best feeling in the whole world.


C O N C O N said...

Hiii Sheena...it sound really painful! OMG ur daughter looks really cute and health...Im happy for u.. anyway, this post will gave me some experience, thoughts as well....Thanks Sheena..and CONGRATS again for ur new baby born...that will make us very happy for sure...GBU!

Sheena said...

Thanks a lot Conny, ..yes it was painfull at the very start but it's so much worthy for our baby health in the future..:)..

AnGeL said...

sheena, baby ko cute!

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