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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Down to my 90's Memory Lane...

I have a recollection of my teen life last nite as I watched one of the 80's movie titled "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" co star by Sarah Jessica Parker.

On my teen years, I wanted to :

1. Have a boyfriend just like everyone else.
2. Dreaming to be like the Wakefields twins. ( Remember the novel from the teenager series about Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield (Sweet Valley High)?) I want to be like Elizabeth, the miss goody two shoes yet got a very strong personality like her rebellious twin sister Jessica.

3. For Once I just wish I have a more "user friendly" parents. i.e. you understand how they function, and they suits your teenage wants and needs and they don't breakdown so often.
4. Have a slim body just like everyone else.
5. Eat my report card every semester so that mum n dad dun have to see all those marks which were bleeding.( I never regret failing on it as I don't like any of the the subject I took for SPM. I always know that I love to draw and paint but you know lah Malaysia School- Art is not a serious subject. ( Back then my parent didn't realize how much I hate being in the science stream. It's my fault because I just followed what the elderly asked me to do ."Science is good for your future!". As explain in #3 they are not user friendly parents).
6. Wish that I can go back to my old school back in SMK Bundu Tuhan, Ranau. I don't like SM SungSiew Sandakan, the school made me sick. Thinking back I had a culture shock due to transferring school, back than nobody knows of culture shock when you transfer school, you only have culture shock if you move to different country like moving to Japan, but not transferring school. I know now that I suffered culture shock (silently) from transfering school and I never recovered.
7. I feel like I want to strangle my lovely sister most of the time. ( We used to be arch-enemy back then..hahaha )
8. I have the guts to get my own own room without sharing with my little annoying sister. ( But it is just that I am afraid to sleep alone. Scared of the unknown aka ghost kunun, buduh oh..)
9. To have a Baby G watch because everybody have it! ( now,even I've my own money I don't want to waste it on Baby G. )

10.Meet Prince William.;P

11. One of my wishlist for Christmas (when I was 15) was a walkman with ear phone instead I got a first generation Walkman yellow in colour with a muffler head phone..u know the first generation walkman. "Made in China".hahahaha.

I could never showed the Walkman in school because it's so out of fashioned!!! It looks worst than the illustration on the right.
12. Desperately want to be like my mom youngest sister. When I was a kid, I lost my nanny so when I went back to kampung this aunt looked like my nanny so I start to call her with my nanny's name and until these day everybody called her by that name . Not only I named her , I also desperately want  to be like her. Our age  difference is very close so she's become my role model and I admire her so much!


ONN said...

Hahahah!! Mcm sama ja list kita nut! Except sy x pernah mau jadi slim, sy mau jadi body builder!! hahah!!

Sheena said...

hahaha....odoii Onn...

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