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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Play Syllabus for Ava..Fun and Creative!

I already bought a few (alat bantu mengajar) for Ava to teach her on the near future. Need to make an early preparation so by the time she start to learn I already know how to teach her .

Action Words - Baby  begin to learn words meanings as early as four months of age and this video may enhance Ava's language development significantly.

Toopy and Binoo- I like this dvd cartoon. Each short story from this dvd take in a different environment and is interactive, educational and teaches me to help Ava use her imagination to look at things with a fresh perspective! Not to mention the character of this cartoon are sooo adorable! ( I'm also learning at the same time since I am poor with English vocabulary and pronunciation)

Creative children - I m trying to read this as early as possible so I can teach Ava to play without wasting a lot of money to buy toys. This book open up parents creative ability to play with their children which is really2 good.

                                     Ava really likes this cloth book till she want to eat it!!haha

Oh, kind of out of topic..this is for me n hubby, trying to learn a few of Chinese vocab..:).

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