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Sunday, October 18, 2009

A bit under the weather and a sick baby..

Probably it's only because of the baby blues or the present of my past depression..i've  got anxiety attacked but it's all under control...have seen the doctor to know their point of view about the post partum depression but at the end we just went back with couple of supplement prescription, no anti depression pill bcoz I am exclusive bfeeding..probably my anxiety was due to my pms because by the end of the evening I was smiling back again after strolling at Megamall..hehe.
Ava was a bit of feverish yesterday,this was her first fever since she had been born 3 months ago. She didn't have any appetite to eat since morning and only by 2pm my breast's start to get sore signalling that my baby already hungry and I was so relief!! Her temperature was ups and downs ,from 36.88 until 37. By night time after a few feeding ( breastfeeding made them sweat a lot and it make the fever to decrease quickly )and put on wet cloth on her forehead, her temperature went back to normal ...pheww... and today she cannot stop talking (mumbling)to us, maybe she felt she's missing out her activity yesterday due to the fever and trying to catch up..
This whole fever thing makes me scared and tired but we just have to accept it, this is one of so many challenges new parent have to get thru,hopefully she  come out stronger than before.

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