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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1st stroll at the park

After hubby reached home, we decided both of us need some walk exercise and we went to City Fan park near the town. On the way driving to the park, Ava as usual was kept in the carrier and suddenly did a movement which was new to us,she's playing with her hand and grab her handkerchef from her lap by using her little finger and pulled it closer to her mouth and apparently she's fall asleep doing that. Me and hubby are really excited with her new development.

Nowadays, she's learning how to sleep by herself , we have a big mattress on the floor on our living room and we called it Ava's learning and napping space. We will do everything there, singing her songs, talking to her,playing and also put her to nap. She seem very delightfull to have her own space. She would crawl and rolling all over the mattress, she would be moving towards like a caterpillars and fall asleep in the middle of the journey with mouth sucking her finger, and mummy can also do her own thing for awhile..hehe.
Anyway, after reached at the park, we thought she wouldn't be like to be put on the stroller but surprisingly she didn't mind . Maybe she is captivated with the evening scenery and the sound of the bird chirping,she's so busy checking and looking at her surrounding till didn't have time to talk with mummy and daddy ...looks like the method really works for her. Before this she'll be struggling and cried asking us to take her out from the stroller. 

Okie dokie, need to take my nap now...

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