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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Make-up mania!!

I am a make-up junkie, I can just pick up one similar colour of lipstick which I already got and never regrets buying it. I would browse at the make-up counter for hours and tested here and there but now I have to control myself for trying out the lipstick sample because you just don’t know who was sampling it before you. They might be contaminated with lots of viruses such as H1N1, MRSA, HIV and the list go on. I have tons of make-up before I get pregnant. So many which I didn’t get to finish even half of it. I have more than three kind of blushers, one was powdery matte kind of type, two type of color for creamy and one type of shimmer blush, 3 type of mascaras which every one of it was for volumising,curls and long lasting eyelashes, not to mention tons of different kind of lipsticks and lipgloss and so many different kind of eyeshadows colors. (I wonder if I only bought it just to have the cute pot!)

Anyway back to my story, unlucky for me my pregnancy hormone was seriously hating the smell of my foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick and every powder which I got!! Whenever I put on it, I can suddenly had my gag reflex!!! So, I have to give it all to my cuzy since it would be wasted if I just kept it unused.

Over 10 months, whenever I went out , my face would be naked without any single of make-up with acnes all over on my face.( did I mention that I also got attacked by acnes during my pregnancy?) After holding back on buying new make-up and my skin slowly rejuvenated thou I still had light scars from the acnes, I started to buy my long time “favorites stuff to buy” again!! And this time, I tried to buy only the essential one. A make-up base, one compact powder foundation, 3 shades of eyeshadow( natural color), a black eyeliner, a volumising mascara, 3 lipstick with different colour, a blush which has 3 different tones in it and a concealer. I don’t believe in concealer but this product of Body Shop really makes wonder of my acne scar, my face suddenly looked nearly flawless when it applied on my face! But I really need to practice how to blend it at my skin since the first time I tried I get helped from a lady at the Body Shop kiosk.

I want to share about my new blusher from the Body Shop, it’s called a Blush Trio 3 from the Fall Make-up Collection, new released for this year.

I really adored these blushes because it has 3 beautiful colours on it which can create a 3D effects on our face contour!! This trio collection only available in two shades which makes it easy to decide between settling on a cool or warm look. Warm Sunset is my fav and the flattering of the two. This is a mix of deep shades of coral, orange and bronze. Three shades in one pot! How cool is that!! Cool Dusk was my least favourite as it applied a little too frosty on me and not really suitable with my tanned skin.

I just don’t know how to end this make-up story, it will go on and on……..

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