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Friday, October 30, 2009

Cloth Diaper (CD) and Mommy

 I want to share my simple thought about cloth diapering; I am so in love with it . It’s easy to use as easy as using a disposable diaper but without all the unknown chemicals, minimal waste and definitely value for money.

The responsible party who introduced me to the world of CD is not other than hubby cousin Annette. At first, I thought Goshh!! This stuff was a lil bit too costly for a diaper!
I mentioned it to Hubby and he said “Cloth diaper? Ya we bought the cloth diaper already, lampin is a cloth diaper why need to buy online? duhh” Apparently in the 21st cloth diapering means more than just “the lampin”. Hehehe. After doing a bit of reading Hubby then bought 2 pieces of cd ( Bumgenius and BabyKanga ) for trial. Initially when at home, we alternate between using BumGenius, Baby Kanga and lampin. Now that we have 12 CDs we use it almost exclusively . It turned out CD is so much fun to use and no need to change diaper every hour. So once in a while I use the lampin when staying at home. Disposable diaper? Only when it rains cats and dogs for two days and all the CDs are not dry or when I don’t feel like doing laundry. 

What is it about CD that I like :

1. Shopping Experience!
My current addicted is surfing through the many online store and comparing prices, brand design and features. Other than shopping or window shopping for CD, I also enjoy surfing for breastfeeding clothes, poncho, baby’s legging / warmer, slings (baby wearing) and the list goes on and on and on. The idea of cyber shopping made me feel high-tech. hehehe. I lived in a small town so whenever I cyber shopping, it feels like I’m shopping overseas, siok sendiri SS.! I can do window shopping without living the house and still can check on a lot of stuff! Isn’t that great! ( Baby’s a bit difficult to bring out if you want to shop till you drop! ). I am also able to meet other like minded cyber mother and read their review about baby’s stuff.
2. Happy Baby
    Since we are using the CD, we manage to lessen Ava crankiness due to wet diaper,  she would feel very dry even after peeing many times. My favourite for nighttime wear is BumGenius and Romparooz, it can last from 9.00 pm until 7 am even only using one insert. No crying, no changing diaper, no messiness and both mom and baby can straight away continue to sleep after every feeding. I am always concern of Ava’s bum getting rashes whenever using disposable diaper and I would change the diaper every 2 hours to avoid the rashes. But since using the CD, we don’t have anymore problem with rashes. At the moment I only have 12 CDs and need to add another 6 more so I can officially be a an exclusive CD user ;p and if possible try to minimize the usage of disposable diaper.

3. Baby Wearing
    I don’t need to put on a pants for Ava since the CD is stylist enough as a pants! It’s colorful, great design and not to mention it’s waterproof! What more do you need for a baby pants! It’s like Superman style – wear your underwear out!
4. Natural Prozac aka Happy Pill
    This is based on my personal experience. I love colors! Whenever I see bright color, my mood would suddenly be lifted up! CD comes in so many different colors and patterns. I just can’t wait for Ava’s diaper change time, feel so motivated to do diaper change, it is so enjoyable 

5. The many amazing feature of CD.
    The new ones comes in two type, Velcro and Snap. It can last between 4 to 10 hours., Depending on how much the baby or toddler pee. The absorbency of the insert increase with every washing. The more you wash it, the more absorbent it is!One standard insert can absorb like 8 to 10 oz. after many washing.  Last but not least it’s value for money.
6. Environmental Friendly
    Disposable diapers you need to buy every so often, means that you use it and throw it away but with CD, it can be used until the baby become a toddler. CD don’t have any dioxin and other dangerous chemical. This is one of our part of contributing to a better world. Now I can comfortably call myself as an environmentally friendly citizen of the world. ( Just kidding,  have a long way to go because I’m still using plastic bag! I have plastic bag which I am recycling as garbage bag which can last years to come)

By the way big thanks to Annette for introducing us to this genius invention!

My next stash is Romparooz applix G2..nice huh..I plan to get those pink flowery pattern ( Lux).


AnGeL said...

online shopping is so much fun. kadang2 bila sa mo p beli barang, tambang sa mo p kedai tu ja pun suda setengah dari harga barang yang sa mo beli. dari shah alam, jalan2 p kl, kalo naik public transport, sampai juga la rm30 (sbb sa selalu naik train. x pandai naik bas. haha!). itu belum campur makan lagi. kalo online shopping, tu benda datang p tempat kita. cuma bayar ckit (x la sampai rm30 kan). so, i rather pay like, what, rm6, than bersesak2 dalam train. kesian orang teda kereta kan shen...... hmm..

ONN said...

im a lelong.com.my fanatic!! abisla kalau mamee dadee nampak CIMB transaction sy!!! Siap label mp3, mp4, rc car, rc robot... *alamak, kedapatan beli mainan...*

Sheena said...

Ya Angel, nda rugi kan kalo online shopping,lagi murah actually n best lagi, kita guyang kaki saja depan pc!!sabar angel, lepas ko kerja trus beli kereta..:)...

waa yaka Onn, nanti sia p sana website..jagaa sia kactau mummy ko..haha

ms enet merisa said...

you're welcome my dear!

mama danial and eva said...

hi sheena, the rumparooz looks delicious! i have one in blue colour as well! and i wanted to buy the pink one too. but now , we mainly use grobaby, so , saving my money to add just few more grobaby and fiiteds. (hehe always say, this is going to be the last) then buy some more....:)

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