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Friday, February 26, 2010

So far....

After nearly 3 weeks I was computer-less, now I am back in action again!! Ava ‘s maturing from babyhood into toddlerhood at the speed of a blink, blogging give me space and slow down time (at least relatively) for me to cherish her babyhood. I don’t think I can sit for hours in front of the pc  anymore..unless  when she’s sleeping. Progress wise, she can nap by her own during daytime and she is no longer used me as her mattress to sleep. For 6 whole months we had to put her in the carrier whenever she wanted to nap. Put her on the bed, she would wake up and become crancky. I thought it was impossible for us to let her sleep by her own but  finally she’s weaned  out  and would be napping for 1 hour or even more. Nap once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Just short of enough time when I will rush to do laundry or prepare meals. When comes to eating, she can finish about 4 ounces of grinded brown rice mixed with either smashed pumpkin or potato. She is happily eating and finishing  her  food with her must watch“Action Words “dvd during eating time. Otherwise, it is mission impossible for us to just let her sit still on her seat without her wriggling around and asking to be placed on the floor instead of sitting on her seat.
At last!!! Her lower front  teeth (two cute ones) already become visible. We can see the two whitish small teeth whenever she smiled. So cute..that’s a thing about new parent. You got excited whenever new things appear or just watch them doing a new move each day (that includes when her poop changed when she start eating solid).
From crawling to standing, now she's started to climb up our sofa by using the pillow as her stepping stone.
Looks like the mattress ( which we put the sofas as the barrier around it ) is no longer convenient for Ava to be alone anymore for she's now start to venture her climbing ability!!
Ava dear, mummy have no choice but must put you in your "seldom use" playpen, no more mini island for you.....

Ava in her mini island.

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marilyndeasy said...

punya best dia ada mini island...hehe

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