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-Arthur Ashe (1943-1993); American tennis player, social activist

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Updates on my reality checks..

Recent updates :

1. Most of my time are juggling with the house chores and attaining Ava.
2. Hubby decided it's time for me to start study again and he said please choose wisely on the course which really suit you.
3. I didn't even realized it's already end of February!!No wonder hubby kept on asking "Bila la ko mau start belajar ni?"....With Ava on my right hand and endless chores on the left...macamana mo fikir pasal study plan.
4. As all you know...I am a cloth diapering addict. Kept on browsing sites of the endless cloth diapers stash! The computer broke down for nearly 2 weeks but it cannot stop me to find updates on cloth diapering through my mobile phone.
5.In few more week, I'll be getting another Mei Tai which Annette helped me to purchase..yea yea....Thanks Net, you are the best!
6.After completed my cloth pad stash system,now I can call myself as a cloth pad convert .No more disposable pad!!!
7. Hubby transferred to another department and getting busier each day..meaning to say no more compromising on who's in-charge the meals in the house!!! ( I must say, I am starting to like cooking and even experiment new recipes!!)
8. Sometimes I forgot which day was it today.
9. Cannot wait to meet Ooi Chin!!!! Missed sharing the joke and laughter with her.
10. I am totally fall in love with Itti Bitti!!Why I didn't realize that before??!!!

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