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-Arthur Ashe (1943-1993); American tennis player, social activist

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pre and Post Photos.

As I felt the work out becoming more challenging and the circuit intensity become higher,it is actually the diet and food intake control which challenge me the most on my journey towards healthy and looking good-self.
My temptation on food is uncontrollable. When I stressed out, I craved for cakes,Mc Donald, KFC, Pizza and etc..when Flo told me to take fruit instead all of the above..I wrinkled my forehead.
But...after I look back at my previous photo of myself and how far I did until today, I know I need to continue with my healthy diet, tough I would reward myself with my comfort food once in a while.

This is me at my heaviest,61kg.

5 months passed, I dropped to 56kg.
Another 6kg to go..Will need to have much faith and  a bit more endurance to get back to my old shape again.
I disciplined myself to work-out three times a week.Drew help me a lot on how to get better technic  and lose more weight when doing exercise. *and diet tips too, which is so simple yet it takes courage to start ditching most of the carbs*. Other than the cardio work out from the studio, I do cardio Zumba from the dvd at home. Two times at studio and once self-exercise at home.Next I planned to make exercise as my routine,20 mins per day with different work out.

Exercising makes me happy, it makes me feel good and less anxiety.It really helps me to become greater person in me.

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