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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A slow month...

It seems like this months times move a bit slow compares to last months. Why I said so because I already reached my final months trimester..and now have to wait another 2 in a half weeks until the due date of my delivery. People said you might be deliver in 2 weeks earlier from the due date or 2 weeks late!! I don't mind to get deliver early but to wait for another two weeks after the due date.....hmmph, it will be another additional waiting. Last two weeks my baby already gain about 2.5 kg, this week I expect she will be growing another 0.5 kg for my appetite is increasing rapidly and the craviness is still there. I crave to eat sweet n sour fish and salad prawn. For tonite I am planning to watch The Transformer The Movie...try to booked thru mobile phone after this and hope can get to watch it by tonite..I am a big fan of Bumble Bee..now you know why we call our dog Bumble..hehe...finger cross I shall get to watch the Transformer tonite!!!!


FionaFabian said...

wah sheena...tida lama lg tu ko tunggu ada baby suda tu...hehe..sya mau jd org 1st wish ko CONGRATS! haha..

Sheena said...

Thanks Fiona..:))..

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