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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Somebody took our baby's name list..Uwaaaaaaa...

Hubby came back from work while I had nauseas after sitting for hours in front of the pc when he told me the news. His collegue's wife just delivered, wow congrats it's a very very good news indeed..then he continued talking, and he asked me."You know what else?" I answered, " They got twins?"
"No, their baby's name is "..." ". I was sceptical for awhile and that's when it's hit me. "Nooo they took our baby's name?!!!"and my head start to spin..Oh yeah they did, they named the baby after a name that we already chose. Not to blame them bcoz according from the baby.com those name is on the number one list last year and this year.
Still, I feel depressed about it, I already thought about those name since half of my pregnancy...and I don't really feel to change the sound of the name. Since I really fond with it, we decided to keep those and add a bit of sugar and salt here and there so the sounds would still quite the same but in a different way..heheh.
Another thing, I didn't get a chance to watch Transformer last nite, cannot booked thru phone and hubby said the cinema will be very crowded with people and afraid I can get virus especially with my condition right now...He is right, its for the sake of me n baby health also.. so just wait for the dvd to come out later saja la....

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