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Monday, June 20, 2011

At last after nearly three weeks..

...I finally manage to complete this baby blanket using the Granny Square method.
"Fuhh...and it felt like taking forever to finish it".

I used the Wool Milk blended type of yarns(it feels so soft to the touch).

In the process to combine/attach the squares. 

Finally, the outcome!!!

Hubby suggested to add  ruffles on the border of the blanket for a homey look, and it did actually looks homey and snugly!!

Till then!!
Owh and I just realized my EDD is less than 3 months to go!!
I am so excited and frightened at the same time!!Yayyyy!!!


Maybel's Closet said...

Beautiful Sheena.... I like it :). Too bad I din have the talent, patient & time to do the crotchet thing

Sheena said...

Thanks Maybel:), yes it does takes lots of time to finish even one single project.I do need my mojo to motivate me on crocheting sometimes..lol!!

chinnee said...

Sheena, your work is really beautiful! very precious :)

Sheena said...

Chinnee!!I am so happy you stop by at my blog!!Thanks for the compliments!!:))

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