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-Arthur Ashe (1943-1993); American tennis player, social activist

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A for......;).

A sweater(cotton milk blend which is seriously soft, it s a mix of cotton and milk wool) for a baby boy and with his initial! My first alphabet so I wouldn't expect anything to be  perfect with the way it came out. 

A baby/toddler poncho which can be adjust.
The body is made from bamboo yarns which is suitable to wear even on the humid weather.As you know bamboo yarns is comfortable and cooling to use especially for babies and  whoever has sensitive skin.

My two weeks projects finally finished.

Since Ava was not willing to cooperate, so I just put the poncho on the teddy, just to see how it looks  and how adjustable does the neck area can be.

The back view.

My back is aching but I cannot stop doing what I love the most!Times up for this weekend to get some rest and do some reading. Happy weekend to everyone!
Oh by the way, Happy Engagement and congratulations to my dear cousin Darryl and with his lovely fiancĂ©e Andrea which was held at Tenom, Sabah this morning. Hope all of you who had attended the event are having a great time and please drive safely home.


Anonymous said...

wow!saya salute kakak ada kesabaran mau buat ini.crocheting senang kah?saya tengok video di youtube macam tough.take care,kakak!(:

Sheena said...

Atria, thanks!!! Buli bah Kalau Kau.

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