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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Santa Clauss aka Poslaju Men..hehe

It 's been awhile I hasn't received any fluffy-mail from Poslaju so when a few mails came in yesterday, my heart was thumping with joy.I almost jumped gaily at the doorway when the Mail van came but then hubby also  arrived at the same time so I had to control my nerve otherwise my impulsive act would be the joke of that day.

Two mails came from Flo's office and one came direct to the house.
Two adorable dresses for Ava's advanced birthday present. Sent from Grandma, Grandpa and aunt Sierra.
Thank you and missed you guys a lot!!

...and she can't wait to put it on!
FYI, after having our anniversary dinner yesterday she slept on the way back in the car and never change it until this morning.

More yarns!!
I need more of these colors to make way on my baby blanket project.

A mail which came from the abang Pos Laju.
 Totally  a fan of Itti Bitti diapers, I cannot help to get  two pieces of Itti Bitti Limited Edition print which came all the way from Hanisah(A Malaysian WAHM).
Thank you for helping us on getting these from Australia E-Store.
From left :  Bitti D'Lish in Large Spectra and Bitti D'Lish in Large Danube.

Aren't you excited to get some mails or parcels(obviously not bills or some credit card statements) at your front door ?!!It s like having a Christmas present from Santa Clauss!!(Well,minus the payment..lol!!).

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