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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Expectation..1.(The Ladybird Project)

We are going to start using the Ladybird Key Words as Ava's learning material to read proper English. The Ladybird comes in 12 levels, each label have 3 books ; a,b and c.

I decided to choose the Ladybird series as my guidance to assist Ava since the books come in sequence ; as in step by step. I easily got confuse with teaching material *suddenly I got vision of myself from the past when I did my teaching practical at one of the school at Johor..how messy it was!* 
After further investigation, I found out that these books are quiet simple yet complete. As I assist Ava in her quest for english mastery, who knows the series could also teach me a trick or two on English... Well who am i kidding... I am pretty sure my interaction with the Ladybird series would also improve my English language.
What I know is the Ladybirds Series  have been proven to be successful. At least I know of a few who have use it to teach their kids English.

My expectation as a mother are:
1. To be able to assist my kids in opening the gate to literacy; the first step of which is learning to read.
2. This would be enjoyable interaction with my daughter,as well as my son.
3. To help me exercise my mind ... I am sure I will face challenges in assisting my children creatively and to motivate them and keep the momentum.
4.To have an open mind about "education"... And a feel of homeschooling...(btw Ava is now in Playschool)
4.For me this is also an effort to my continuous education as I explore pre-school pedagogy.
5. In term of time expectation, it is tempting to desire that they would know how to read very very quickly but I go by the motto of kids will grow at their own pace and driven by their inner-interest. So my role is more like a facilitator, see where their interest build their reading from there... Most important is not to force them beyond their ability.

Expectation from the books :
1. Sharpen the children*including me* vocabularies.
2. Improve my own spoken English.
3. Guidance to be a self learner*kids... Let the kids dictates the speed of learning*
4. Hopefully this would lead me to learn further about holistic homeschool*perhaps at least a part time home school?*
5. The good thing about this book it doesn't teach formula grammar e.g : Singular-"is" Plural-"are" but let the kid pick up the  grammar and understand the grammar naturally.

I will be going  to update from time to time on how the teaching and learning process would be working out and for now, I've put my trust and prayer in God to help and lead me to be a good teacher for my children.

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