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Monday, March 8, 2010

Cloth Diaper Stash...


 This is where I keep all my cloth diapers, inserts and lampin.
(Some are still in the laundry.)

1st Row from the Top :From the left :  Bunnyfeet cover,Bella Bottom Hemp fitted, Bunnyfeet Super Soaker fitted and my first ever wool longies. On the right are my trusted BumGenius One Size pocket.
2nd Row From the left : Freshbot Flowery print One Size pocket diaper, Gro Baby AI2 Wildflower new print and others are three Gro Baby AI2 in solid color.
In the middle : My  four lovely Panda Baby All In One diapers.
On the right side: The only one Baby Kanga OS pocket diaper, Snazzy AI2 Daisy print and Bumwear Purple Roses OS pocket .
3rd Row : My colorful Happy Heinys OS( I have most of the prints) and at the right side: Starbunz Pocket Baby Panda print, 2 pieces of Romparooz G2 OS and Mommy's Touch Purple Dot OS.

 Ava with her Spiderman Bumwear. ( If u look closer on the diaper , it doesn't look like an underwear, more like a short pant)
In her Yellow Bright Itti Bitti. I am expecting another pieces of Itti Bitti Limited Edition by this end of the month. 

( Yeah I am one crazy and addicted mommy with cloth diapers).


. said...

alalala sheena..pnya bnyk ur CD..dimana u beli suma tu..pnya bnyk..heehee..

Sheena said...

hehehe..sia dapat from estores yg ada cni Malaysia..especially kalo ada offer n sale..sana la sia pg beli 1 or 2 pcs..skali sedar berlambak sudah..:)).

NoyIbrahim said...

nunut! pnya men banyak suda CD ko.. cute2 lagi tu...untung si Ava hehe

Sheena said...

Sia pun nda sangka macam ni banyak sudah..mo kac reduce sudah tu sebab mo beli baru lagi...ngeh ngeh ngeh..

Alice said...


would like to introduce our Moms & Tots CDs..:P www.momsntots.com.my

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