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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The "Gro Baby"

 Gro Baby reviews!! Though most of mommies out there have one or even more Gro Baby in their stash and fully known about their feature but I still want to share my personal review ( or more on raving) about the Gro Baby AI2 system!!
This diaper is totally one of my outdoor nappy! The 1st nappy I will reach each time we want to go out from the house. They aren’t very that bulky and allow Ava to fit into her regular clothes even added with insert. I also love that I can take the soaker out and reuse the cover about 2 to 3 times before I have to wash it again. I used the inserts and booster in other diapers because of their absorbency being better. (Except on pocket diaper.Pocket tend to have a wide space on putting insert inside it and with the trimness of the Gro Baby insert, they would leak through pocket!) There was one time I forgot to change Gro Baby on Ava during the night  and it stayed with her until morning ( she was 6 months old) and I surprised there was no leaked for about 11 hours! Then recently I tried to use Gro Baby for the whole night but after 5 hours, the insert already soaking wet. So I must say this diaper can only be used as a night time diapering on baby from 1 months old to 7 months old.
Pro(s) :
1.       Can last until 2-3 hour.
2.       The shell fits nicely over prefolds / lampin.
3.       A snuggle fit diaper.
4.       Covers/Shells dry very quickly.
5.       Trim between her legs and around her waist.
6.       The absorbency become better and better after several wash.
Con(s) :
1.       The soaker is in a good size and flat before wash but after several washes it would become slightly thick. ( which hubby prefer it on that way.)
2.       The inside of the cover does get a little wet. ( They need to air dry before the next use.)
3.       They do have to be change a couple of times throughout the day. ( But I don’t mind!!)
4.       Soaker takes a long time to dry.
5.       Cover was soiled every time when baby has done their “business”(poo).
6.       Baby’s skin tends to feel wet If it does not change after 3 hours.

The verdict :
Some mommies have only got 4 covers and about 12 of the snap insert. ( more than enough for one day use.)
Overall, I really like this system( and I am actually prefer to have more AI2 in my stash, they save space in my diaper bag) . I love the velvety feel and cushiness of the shell and it does seem like a small diaper but that what it makes more trim!!

P/S : By the way, Gro Baby is a one size diaper!!

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