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Monday, March 8, 2010

Good morning everyone....

Today is Monday, the 1st day of the 2nd week of February. This morning, I supposedly need to clear up certain house chore which I didn't manage to do it last night but here I am, updating my blog. But I don't know what is it actually I want to write..feel like a zombie( Ava wake up twice last night and crying). Probably a bit uncomfortable with the smell of the haze( Miri is burning!!! A lot of burning !!)
Not only the office working people have" a monday blue". We the stay at home wife/mother also have this kind of situation on the first day of the week. Attaining baby,dishes, laundry, preparing meal and many more have to be done in every day routine...and the statement that a housewife only " goyang kaki"  is not actually a proper way to describe it.

 Feel sluggish, uncomfortable, mix feeling.... I need some fresh air..

One thing which did make me feel better today is finally I found a solution for Ava night time diapering.
Wool and fitted..they work like magic!!She wore the fitted cover up with the wool for the whole 10 hours..I checked this morning and it was still dry!!There was only a bit of dampness on top of the doubler...will be posting about this on my next post. Right now I need to find my inner strength to face today's challenge upfront.

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