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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The new version of "Toy's R Us" Toys..

Apparently Ava is much more anticipates playing with the household stuffs compare to her fisher price toys.

Which include with the camera casing..

"Hmmm....I wonder what is inside of this canned box?"

"Snapping picture at me again!!"

Trying to reach for the camera..

"Oh mommy, aren't you get bored snapping my pictures everyday?"


ONN said...

Adeh... sy teringat pula kawan sy buat "baby iq test". Dia letak henfon, kotak rokok, tin sprite, macis sama walkman. Skali pandai pula anak dia amik kotak rokok n macis kasi match! Wahahaha!! Tp sampai sekarang sy x tau purpose test tu n definition utk setiap item...

Sheena said...

Hahaha...hebat juga anak dia Onn..buli kac match kotak mancis and rokok!!

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