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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tips For A Good Confession

During  Homily at Mass today, the priest was telling us how to do a good confession during this month of Lent and he explained it with a touch of humour. I might not do justice to his humour but at least they stick in my mind, long enough for me to transfer them in my blog.
1.       Be prepared – Pray before going to a confession.
2.       Write down your sins in case you forgot – Don’t just come and telling the priest, “ Father, forgive all of my sins which I had forgotten”, when the priest asking why forgot?
”I am embarrassed to tell it out loud,hehehehe”..
3.       Do not tell the priest that this is the 20th times you go for a confession,  they just want to know when was the last time  you went for your confession.
4.       It is good to have the guide book as a reference but don’t just blurt out verbatim from it. Imagine a 10 year old kid saying,
“ Forgive me Father for I have committed adultery”.
“Do you know what’s  the meaning of committing adultery?”
“Not really hehehe..”
I rest my case…
5.       If you are an adult, do confess adults sins.
Don’t "simply" confessed innocent sins example; you missed out  grace before meal, missed a prayer before went to sleep or eating meat on Friday. Come on who are you kidding, get the dirty laundry out.
6.       Do not quote the commandment numbers, just say the sins.
        "Father forgive me I've since against commandments number 3,5,8,9" 
        The priest doesn’t play 4D so don’t ever tell your sins according the commandment number. There is a good reason why you should not quote the number for the sin because you might quote the wrong number for the wrong sins!
Example : “Forgive me Father for I have committed sins against commandment number 3 and then the priest ask what is that?
“ I didn’t respect my parents..”(Which is actually commandment number 4).Commandment number 3 is “Keep the Sabbath Holy”.

7.       Do categorize your sins properly – You don’t want to end up saying,” I quarrel with my wife..”
“ I quarrel with my kids..with my neighbor..with my parents, with my dog, with neighbour cat ” and the list of “quarrel with” go on….
You can just simplify it with,” I quarreled with people”….

8.       Last but not least, remember to say  the “Act of Contrition”.

So there you go..8 tips to get ready on your next stop for a good confession!!!

Have a Blessed Lent!!!!

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