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Monday, December 21, 2009

10 Things I Want To Do On Christmas!!!

What do you want to do on Christmas? I have the same question repeated over me every time Christmas was around.
Last time, when  I was still a teenager, there were few things must have and to do list when Christmas was coming. One of the top list was, groomed yourself to the top!! During those time, I must have a complete X'Mas suit for the day itself, from the tip of my head to the bottom of my toes. New hair accessories, new dresses ( or a blouse matching with new jeans or new skirts ) and new shoes.( boots, sandals, heels..you name it. ) everything must be new.
There was a time I wore a pretty dress(which I thought it was an incredible outfit last time ) attending one of the Christmas Mass at the church which now come to my realization.... it's so out of fashion and a very out of place outfit for a mass!!

This time around, I couldn't care less if I only be wearing a simple top and jeans because my top priority now are my husband and Ava.
 Among my concerns for this time of celebration are :
"What to wear / carry Ava during the mass? Am I going to carry her with the scc, mei tai or the pouch.
Which cloth diaper is the prettiest to wear Ava in it.
Do I need to put her on a dress or just a shirt with matching pattern or solid color cloth diaper..hehehe
Make sure hubby comb his hair.
Make sure hubby don't wear his shabby t'shirt.
Make sure hubby not mistakenly wear his short pant instead of long pant or jeans."

So, my 10 things that I want to do other than decorating my baby for X'mas are :
1.  Read all personal reading of Christmas passages. ( The Nativity Story, it's a complete Christmas story on
     the page 126 )
2. Pray the Rosary of Joy.
3. Sing the Christmas carol.
4. Go for the conffesion.
5. Eat roasted chicken!! ( For special X'mas Dinner )
6. Decorate a X'mas tree.
7. Sending X'mas Greeting via Facebook, email and sms..
8. A donation towards the needy.
9. Share the happiness upon others.
10.Last but not least....wearing my Mei Tai. ( Which is not confirm yet since it has not been delivered).


I wish everyone a world of peace during this festive season and always & may all the blessing shine upon you.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!!!

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