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-Arthur Ashe (1943-1993); American tennis player, social activist

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just a thought......

As I'm writing these down, I am completely restless..It's 4 a.m and I am wide awake with a stuffy nose. The sleeping was uncomfortable, I'm breathing thru my mouth and the room is a bit stuffy with only the table fan doing his job providing a windy atmosphere which is not as good as the function of air conditioner. We unpurposely decrease our electricity bills since I had been attacked by a flu.
Hubby just went to sleep. Oh yes he had been surfing since last night while put Ava to sleep and I was struggling to juggle with the flu and tiredness.When I awake on 3 a.m, he was still in front of the pc doing his little research about Latin and Chinese languages. Yes you heard me right, he is now try to challenge himself to study the Latin language by himself. Ava's lullaby song is now in Latin ( For starting, it's the Ave Maria Song ) and usually she will be drifting to sleep while he's humming. But I guess she only preferred hubby to hum for her because whenever I start to hum my improper Latin sing a song  she would looked at me with the "are you trying to get me to sleep or trying to make me even restless" look. So I just went back to the basic lullabies.."Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Itsy Bitsy Spider". Continue the story about hubby learns Latin, he's excitedly told me that he had found a good website to learn. Like how he described it,
"The website is like a huge Latin literature university!",
I responded with a big yawn, ( I was still halfway awake..)
"Whenever you found a website it's surely going to be a bit bored just to look on it ",
Hubby was taken aback with my answer.
"I just thought I want to share...no more shopping online for you!!"
Then I responded with a big grin,
"Oh Wow!!! How nice!!I am excited too!", then both of us laughed.
Sometimes, we tend to get a bit crazy to to each other.

So, here I am, clueless about almost everything. Try not to make any higher expectation about anything which I will be going thru today. Try to abandon those unwanted feelings which kept on lurking inside of me.
Last but not least, I will be trying to be a better person in every day and as the next day to come. And to dear hubby, no worries, I am as excited as you are to learn Latin because it's easier to pronounce the words compare to Mandarin. ( I gave up learning Chinese after attended two classes.) But how I still wish I would be able  to speak and learn Mandarin someday ..."Someday ( it's Somewhere) over the rainbow....."(Tuning in a pro opera persona).

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