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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hello Again....E-Shopping....

I am writeless..http://www.emocutez.com.it seem my brain has been blocked ..I've lot's to share but don't know how to begin with.
Let see, this whole week I was busy doing some research about baby wearing and browsing online stores whichever got a " year end discount  sales " for cloth diapers.
For babywearing, I found two which really caught my eyes..
If you read my recent post about Mei Tai , I was really looking forward to buy those carrier  but the e-store which provide those products is closed until 15th December.
Then during this week,  after a few emails I sent to the owner of the Snuggbaby asking a lot of query, I finally manage to place an order early from the resume date. I believe she took pity on my desperation and in the spirit of Christmas giving! Thanks Liz.http://www.emocutez.com

The second one is called The Sleepywrap , I found the link among one of many from the Snuggbaby website, Ezmama Shoppe. After I read reviews and testimonials about the sleepywrap , I felt 100percent convince to give it a try and grab one from Ezmama  storehttp://www.emocutez.com.  And I taught it's a reasonable price plus  hubby had been  curious about how to use it for quite sometimes.

Then I manage to get one last piece of Freshbot flowery printed cloth diaper from Ezmotherhood which got discount. It's a Malaysian made cloth diaper and I taught why not to give it a try since the printed was so lovely and according to one cousin in law, the product is nearly as good as the one from US brand have.

So to conclude my post, this week I was e-window shopping  like crazy for Christmas and when you found something which closed to your heart..it feel so good....... It's like an energy booster!

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