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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Solid at 5 months??? I'm not ready....

This last few days, Ava didn't have a good night sleep and so am I. She would be wide awake at 2 a.m till 3 a.m and slept for almost one hour then wake up again on 4 a.m. I knew this because every time she wake up, I'd checked on the clock. At first I thought it's only because we just moved our mattress on the floor and dismantled  the bed. ( Ava has started moving actively (she's co-sleeping with us )and we don't want to take a risk on her falling down from the bed ). Since back from the Hospital she has been sleeping in the middle (between mommy and daddy) but now we are putting her on the left side of the mattress which is set against the bedroom wall. So in the order of arrangement Ava on the left against the bedroom wall, mommy in the middle and daddy on the far right next to the door.

We thought she didn't manage to sleep well due to the changes in position and elevation (She is so used to see daddy next to her every night).
Yesterday we went to the clinic to give Ava her third injection and during our discussion with the doctor, I mentioned to him about Ava's difficulty in sleeping. So doctor asked us,
"Is she often salivating?"
"Is she reaching for her toe and possible sucking her toe?'
"Is she curious whenever you eat in front of her?"
"Does she has the the urge to grab things?"
"Does she already rolling and crawl?"
All our answered of the questioned above is "Yes, yes, yes,yes and yes."
The doctor said,
"Looking at her readiness, it would be a good indication to start Ava on solid already.."
I was shocked!! 'Solid?? Whattt? No??'
Then another question,
"Does she falls asleep after feeding during night time?"
I answered,
"Not anymore,"
To conclude in a decisive way he leave us with a punchy pitch "Oh ya, did I mention that her weight is almost  stagnant from last month? Her weight is 6.6kg."

According to the Doctor, my milk had been fully optimized, she has already double her weight from birth and she need solid to make her more full and more sleepy.
I am actually not really keen on starting  solid for Ava at 5 months. My earliest plan is to give her fully on breastfeed up till her 6 month old and the worst thing is I 'm not ready to  start the weaning process for her yet, but she's grown up so fast.
After this journey, I don't know why this feeling exist in me, she's ready but I m just not yet ready to let her eat other than from me. I guess this is the first of many first which I need to get ready for . (E.g : 1st time running around the house, first potty, 1st time going to the nursery, first time going to school etc.)
Since last night we have been discussing what kind of food to start with for Ava. A lot of things to consider, Nutritions, Hygine, Safety (from chocking, heat, allergy), Menu; easiness to prepare, how and when to introduce what food and Eating manners.

Today, hubby and I will be doing some shopping for her eating utensils and  food. I can't believe Ava will be eating solid already ( though I'm still not sure about this but we'll be doing the shopping anyway)..
As heavy as my feeling for her to eat solid...I will march on in this journey...

Yours truly,
Chef Mom

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