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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eyes on them.....

Venue : St. Simon, Likas, Kota Kinabalu.
Date : 28th November 2009.

Before the wedding reception at Promenade Hotel, we went to witness Chua and Vivian Holy Matrimony at St.Simon church. I loved every moment of the wedding ceremony..It reminds me on my wedding day one year back. Listening to Vivian and Chua declaring their vows to each other and hearing the priest pronouncing them husband and wife, remind me of my wedding vows, there's a reason why married people need to go to witness Holy Matrimony once in awhile (and not skip to wedding dinner)  because it's just a good reminder of what we ourselves have committed.

                                                                                     A nervous laugh from the groom..

Looking at her bride walking down the aisle.

Vivian accompanied by her parent. ( Both still look young.)
Vivian looked like a fairy tale princess in those beautiful gown. The big skirt and long train immediately transformed her looks to dreamy and romantic. The gown really accentuated her figure. And the groom,two words, dashing and elegant!

Entrusting their daughter to her husband to be.

She is exciting yet can see her a bit nerve-wrecking and she's instantly calmed after saying the wedding vows and nothing has felt that right.

Saying the " I do "

Sempat lagi pose!!

Just married!! Pic taken with Father Cosmas.

Father Cosmas : "Psst Chua..do take care of Vivian just like Joseph took care of Maria "..hahaha, ada-ada jak saya.

The bride and groom happy and relieved  faces..

Family from the groom side..

Family from the bride side

Wonder what they were up to!

This picture taken before we were reprimanded by the priest to behave,
"He said church is not balai raya"..
"Point taken.."

Once again, big congratulations to both of you..
                                                  Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth. Gen 9 : 1


Angel said...

Haha. Punya tabal muka kena marah. Dia tengok area kita lagi tu. Before ko datang suda dia sound satu kali ba tu. Tapi kami bertengok2 sesama sendiri ja sambil berkata 'Ah, apa dia bilang?' and sambung main. Haha!

Sheena said...

oh yaka...hahaha..aduii, mimang mata di adi tempat kita saja..sudah la paling depan..haha

Angel said...

tu la. tapi x pa. yang penting happy. haha. punya happening kan shen. bah kalo ko balik meh kita keluar p karaoke ka, p makan2 ka :)

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