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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Snugg Mei Tai V2..Lovely!

Five of my short listed items. I have been thinking of this for the last two weeks and still cannot make up my mind which pattern is suit for me the most! It's like wearing a pretty blouse but with the baby in it!

Body Panel Pattern : Crepe Floral

 Body Panel Pattern : Beatrice Bloom

 Body Panel Pattern : Flower Shower

 Body Panel Pattern : Heart

Body panel pattern : Merry Heart

I also have been thinking to request a customize Snugg Diaper Tote since it made of nearly 100 percent cotton..

The best thing about Mei Tai ( Asian inspired baby carrier ) , it can be reversable ! So hubby and I got chance to choose our own pattern of the body panel. You can check Mei Tai at http://snuggbaby.com.

These are my Christmas wish-list for this year. A beautifully customize Mei Tai V2 carrier and a Diaper Tote to match!! Hopefully I'll be wearing Ava with these beauty during the night of Christmas Eve..:)...


Anonymous said...

So lovely. I love the Heart and the Beatrice Bloom!! The bag is so nice too.
I doubt I can use it as Hughie loves his freedom. hahaha.. maybe the next one. Oh, I got a littlepod recently, still experimenting it! hahah ...

ms enet merisa said...

nutt, i agree, the heart print is soooooo cute.... but then again if incutt yg pakai ni, mcm "oraiiitttttt" juga la hehehheheheh.... kena pilih yg harimau2 print la yg reverse side dia hahahahhaha......

sxytary: buli sia menyampuk skijap? littlepods ssc is greattttttt.... and with a little adjustment, can use it as hip carry.... love it love it (nutt sia promote bah ni sama ko hahahhahahah)...

Sheena said...

Anas :Oh yes..the Heart, Beatrice Bloom and also the Flower Shower are in my top list too!! If only I can have them all...haha..Littlepod also very very good, I had two from the littlepod..cloth diapering and babywearing are so "in" right now!!

Anet : hahaha..buli imagine incut pakai the pink carrier..he has to choose yg a bit garang punya pattern if I happen to choose the Heart..by the way, kalo Jumpsac scc ko sudah sampai..kac mms ya!!

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