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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

4 months Little Ava Sophia

1. Loud babbling -Keep on babbling and talking. Yesterday when we attended the course of her baptism, she looked up and gave a loud babbling to Brother Louis during his talk.
2. Pumping and cobra post ( Yoga ).
3. Scooting like a caterpillar. - Now she knows how to make her movement even faster, by rolling.
4. Loved the car rides. - Sometimes she would talking / babbling nonstop in the car.
5. Touching feet by her hand.
6. She just realize she has a tongue, keep on pulling it out and about by her hand.
7. Holding tightly whatever reach at her hand and put it on her mouth.
8. Quiet good in targeting what she want to grab.
9. Turns from front to back.
10. She would screamed to you whenever she needs help.


If the baby is given freedom from birth, she will begin to slither...


Angel said...

Doii!!! punya kiut anak ko ni shen!! gerigitan sa tengok telampau kiut! x sabar jumpa ava :)

FionaFabian said...

syok jg pl ada baby..hehe

Angel said...

fiona mo ada baby~~ cepat2 ko kahwin fiona.

Sheena said...

Angel: bah nanti ko puas2 lah main dengan si Ava time si Chua punya wedding

Fiona : Siokkkk!!!! ada baby ni....

FionaFabian said...

Angel: hehe..yaba kan. minta2 cpt kena kawin. hoho. sot

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