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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I loved this!

I bet everyone have already read these and I decided to put these articles on my blog just like everybody else. If you are familiar with kadazandusun accent when speak Malay language..you would probably laugh your heart out!!  These essays really make my day!!! I laugh non stop when I first read it!!! I was raised in a  Ranau Dusun family and community, I know very well how to pronounce it complete with the accent. And when you know how to read it, that's when you start to laugh until you got stomach ache. Hubby doesn't seem to laugh as much as I am when reading this.
I asked him,
" Have you read this?"
"Yes, I have" he answered with a sober face.
"And.... it's not funny to you?"
" I have already laugh about it.."
Still the face had no reaction. I laughed some more when looking at his clueless face!!
These essays are pure genius!!!

If you noticed the above articles are bleeding with teacher correction.
A teacher can only judge your work based on their own limitation and in the process of doing that pull you down to their level. To the person who wrote this article, I say don't get discourage you are a literary genius, you really communicate humor and family love and life not on a superficial level but on a personal and intimate level.
At the same time I cannot disagree with the teacher also; your Bahasa Melayu sucks, but who cares. 


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