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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Heinys!!

 It's here!!! After doing some research of CD's brand and the quality of it and instead on buying the Romparooz G2 which is also good for a night diaper, we chose to try the Happy Heinys brand! Happy Heinys seemed to have a few awards on their hand so this must be worthy to give a try.
We bought three pieces of it and 2 pair of baby/toddler girl socks from www.mybabypitstop.com. The pink socks is complimentary from the e-store.
This is my first ever having the printed pattern CD which I am quiet excited about. Noted, the striking color of orange is hubby choices ( sakit mata oh)...haha.Compare to BumG, Happy Hienys is not so bulky and very light. I cannot wait to see Ava in those CD. Have to wait a few more days since I need to pre-wash it for couples of time to increase the absorbency of the microfiber insert ...wait a minute, I can just used my other insert for awhile kan!!hahaha....
By the way, I am baking Kuih Makmur..harap-harap menjadi, fingers crossed!!!

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