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Saturday, November 21, 2009

A lady, lingeries and credit cards....

Last night we went for "jalan-jalan cari makan" at the town,..well not exactly jalan-jalan cari makan, I went to deposit money to my account so that I can transferred the money to the account of MyBabyPitStop and TinyTapir. ( You know what it is...)
Went to Parkson mall and saw a few blouses which got 70 percent sales!!Yummy!!Then I lined up to the cashier counter and a woman in front of me got some issues with her payment method, at first she gave her HSBC credit card,  the payment was rejected , another Ambank credit card, also got rejected, Standard Chartered credit card ( yeah I know I am a bit "kepoh" but sometimes it's kinda fun!!hahaha) also got rejected. I took a glance at her merchandise and wooo...among of it was a corset, push up bras, thongs, girdles and so on. (all the lingeries from Triumph brand I would say )..I wonder what she wants to do with all of those..hmmmm?. So after everything got rejected, with a sour face,she took out her money, luckily she's got cash with her. The things that bothered me was why didn't she just used the cash instead of giving the cashier an extra work and making customers who had been lining up behind her grunting and gave a bitter look on her. I was by the way enjoying the short drama..Later after paid my stuff, I got problems finding hubby with Ava, apparently I had left my mobile phone with him and I let my instinct to guide me to where they were.."Aah, so true, they're at the Guardian store"..hahaha..


Rosamundwo said...

I think she wants to collect her credit card points so that she can claim for food vouchers or products.I claimed mine for KFC food voucher..:P

Sheena said...

yeah, maybe u right..I forgot we can claim points from our cr card..:)..

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